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Thursday Jul 14, 2022

Using the draft OASIS E data set, let's explore some of the new questions in OASIS E which will be effective January 1, 2023.

Monday Nov 05, 2018

Be sure to download the items listed on HomeHealth101.com to familiarize yourself with the OASIS D.

Friday Sep 22, 2017

Episode 4 We'll tie up the loose ends with the rest of the OASIS documents. You'll need to download and probably print the OASIS C2 form from the link in the Episode 2 description to follow along.

Friday Sep 22, 2017

The SOC or Start of Care OASIS sets the foundation for your episode of care. It captures the patient at his worst and allows you to build a trajectory of improvement and positive ourcomes as you progress through the episode(s) of care towards discharge.

Thursday Sep 21, 2017

Episode 2: A more detailed overview of the OASIS. Download the SOC OASIS from Medicare. https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Quality-Initiatives-Patient-Assessment-Instruments/HomeHealthQualityInits/Downloads/OASIS-C2-AllItems-10-2016.pdf Note that more changes may be made to the OASIS in 2018.

Thursday Sep 21, 2017

If you need to know about OASIS to pass an interview for skilled home health care this will give you a brief overview. Follow to next episodes to gain more insight.

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